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About the Artist

George Timorason is a self-learned sculpture artist who strived to expand his horizon through three-months short course at the art studio of Art and Design Faculty in Bandung Institute of Technology. He later on extended his artistic exploration by entering the practice of art, establishing GEOTI Studio, and experimenting a wide range of materials and diverse shapes. His enthusiastic voyage in the world of art was a fruitful one. 

In 2002 he launched his first solo exhibition, “STREAMLINE”, in Cemara6 Galeri in Jakarta which turned out to be one of his momentous milestone of his career as an artist. A positive response to this exhibition was only an initial remark which ignited a growing acknowledgement of his works.

Today, his portfolio consists of a variety of projects ranging from thematic artwork for buildings to urban elements.


Nirman Desmarizal
Ciputra Group

“Creating a large-scale sculpture is not easy because it involves many factors and aspects,

but George can manage to conquer these things.

As an artist, he can now respond to architectural spaces very well.

Whether it is located indoor or outdoor, a sculpture should be considered as an integrated part of a space a respond to what it requires, not a stand-alone statue”


Abdi Ahsan
Lumina Lighting Consultant

“Many artists are not accustomed to schedules and tend to work based on their moods.

George, however, is a disciplined artist. Being his close friend, I admire his wide capacity in art. Not only creating small-sized personal objects,

in his relatively young age he managed to build large-sized public objects.” 


Inda C Noerhadi
Cemara 6 Galeri

“His works were created in a variety of forms and shapes, with different aspects of highlight

from its material substance, artwork theme, to its craft and treatment, 

without any particular limitation of exploration in various mediums of three-dimensional objects. 

These strong and sharp “streamline” shapes, with their dynamic and flexible curves,

reflect a sense of balance and a final touch which signifies his works”